How do we use your donation?


When you donate, you not only help us keep the lights on—you power our team with the resources we need to succeed.

Your contributions help pay for:

  • Rent

  • Phone & Internet

  • Website & Digital Organizing Platform

  • Mailings

  • Campaign Signs

  • Social Media Advertising

  • Insurance

  • Office Supplies

How can you contribute?

The most effective way to support our work is to set up your monthly or one-time contribution to deposit directly into our bank account at WESTconsin Credit Union. When you donate this way, we receive 100% of your contribution.

You can also donate online through ActBlue. While ActBlue does charge a small processing fee, it’s simple, secure, and very convenient.

Consider becoming a recurring donor

Not only does your recurring donation make giving as convenient as it gets—it enables us to thoughtfully plan our budget for the year.

Each month, we’ll charge your credit or debit card—or make a withdrawal from your checking account—for the amount you choose. You can change the amount of your contribution or cancel it entirely at any time.

Make an in-kind donation

Occasionally, donors like you make what are called "in-kind" donations. These represent any type of non-cash contribution.

For example:

  • Donating a piece of art to our annual holiday silent auction

  • Paying an expense, like purchasing campaign signs, that would otherwise be billed to us

About Wisconsin campaign finance law

If you make a cash or in-kind contribution to the St. Croix County Democrats in excess of $10.00, we must submit that information to the Wisconsin Campaign Finance Information System.

The information we share includes:

  • Your name

  • Your address

  • Your donation amount or the value of your in-kind contribution

  • Your contribution date

  • Your occupation

We no longer need to obtain the name of your employer.


Have questions?

Please contact your St. Croix County Democrats Treasurer, Roy Sjoberg.

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