We're fighting for fair, representative government; equitable access to opportunity; and thriving, inclusive St. Croix County communities.

Driven by a sense of responsibility toand forone another, we're working to elect Democrats who demonstrate integrity, bold vision, and compassionate leadership through a strong volunteer organization.

Our collective action will ensure our shared values are represented here in St. Croix County, as well as in Madison and Washington, D.C. 

Meet our leadership team.


Tammy Moothedan, Co-Chair

As the party’s co-chair, I’m responsible for serving as our local representative to the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, as well as assisting with candidate recruitment and providing support to those candidates.



Danielle Johnson, Co-Chair

As co-chair of the St. Croix County Democratic Party, I’m responsible for planning and leading our monthly membership and executive committee meetings. I’m also actively engaged in building a strong grassroots organization, so that we are strong heading into the next election cycle.



Roy Sjoberg, Treasurer

As treasurer for the St. Croix County Dems, it’s my job to establish the party budget and oversee all financial transactions.

I also work with my fellow committee members to set policy for the party, lead our fundraising initiatives, recruit candidates for elected office, and recruit and retain new members of the St. Croix County Dems.



Rita Vetter, Secretary

As the party’s secretary, I’m responsible for recording and distributing business meeting minutes, submitting records to the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, and welcoming attendees at our general meetings.


sarah oneill.jpg

Sarah O’Neill, Communications Chair

As communications chair, I’m responsible for developing our party’s communications strategy and messaging, implementing digital technologies, managing our digital communication channels, and recruiting and managing the research and writing team that will help us grow our membership, deepen engagement, and drive turnout.