Candidates for state office

Get to know your candidates.

This November will be a big election year in the State of Wisconsin.

With the primary over, we'll now expand our profiles of your new Democratic candidates. Get to know them. Then, lend whatever support you can as we make the push to Election Day.



Governor for the State of Wisconsin


Tony Evers

Wisconsin State Superintendent of Public Instruction; formerly a teacher, principal, and superintendent


I believe that we are stronger when we look out for each other. I’ve been elected State Superintendent three times by a coalition of Democrats, Independents, and Republicans because I know how to treat my political opponents with respect without sacrificing my progressive values. I’ve worked across party lines to get things done for our kids. As governor, I will use these skills to end the divisiveness that has consumed our state.

- Tony Evers

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Lieutenant Governor for the State of Wisconsin


Mandela Barnes

Policy analyst and former State Representative


Wisconsin Democrats have the ideas, values, and vision to inspire voters. How we will win is by rallying around policies that reflect the values that matter most to working people – providing economic security for families, fully funding public education, protecting the environment, and ensuring that everyone has access to quality, affordable healthcare.

- Mandela Barnes

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Wisconsin Attorney General


Josh Kaul

Attorney and former federal prosecutor


I want my family—and all of our families—to live in a Wisconsin that’s safer and stronger than the one we’re on track for right now. To get there, we need an Attorney General who is willing to take on tough fights and who is focused, every day, on protecting Wisconsinites.

- Josh Kaul

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Wisconsin Secretary of State


Doug La Follette

Secretary of State and former State Senator and college professor


I have fought the moves by Republicans to transfer duties to the control of the governor. My priorities are to provide good service to the public that require information despite the stripping of the office of staff and responsibilities. And work with a new governor and Legislature to restore the important duties which reside in most every secretary of state's offices in the country.

- Doug La Follette

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Wisconsin State Treasurer


Sarah Godlewski

Small business owner, financial professional expert, UNICEF USA Chair


The treasurer serves as Wisconsin’s chief banker. I’m running for treasurer because I want to restore this office, and I have a bold vision to be your fiscal watchdog, invest in Wisconsin’s future, and serve as your financial advocate.

- Sarah Godlewski

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Wisconsin State Assembly

Kim Butler for District 28

Small business owner and former television producer

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John Rocco Calabrese for District 29

Small business owner

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Barry Hammarback for District 30

Attorney and small business owner, who has represented farmers for 40 years



Ali Holzman for District 75

Wisconsin Education Association Council regional office manager, farmer

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