Top 10 Reasons Why This Independent is Voting for Margaret Engebretson

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I am a conservative-leaning senior citizen from Hudson, Wisconsin. I am an independent voter who has voted for candidates from both political parties. As an independent voter I do my own research and draw my own conclusions. I have completed my homework for the Wisconsin 7th Congressional District election and for the first time ever have decided to document my conclusions and share them with others.

After comparing and contrasting the two candidates I had concluded that I will vote for the challenger Margret Engrebretson.

Below are my top 10 reasons.

1) Representation.

I believe Margaret will best represent the interests of the District, as she does not accept any outside money according to The Center for Responsive Politics.

The organization also reports on their website,, that the incumbent has accepted large outside money donations from large out-of-state corporations and Super-PACS as far away as Kansas, Virginia, Georgia, New York, Michigan, California, and Washington D.C.

The Center for Responsive Politics is a nonpartisan, independent, and nonprofit research group that tracks money in U.S. politics and its effects on elections and public policy.

2) Accuracy.

I believe that Margaret’s public statements are more accurate and trustworthy than those of the incumbent. Fact checkers at rated the accuracy of 91% of his public statements to range from being half truths to false and ridiculous claims.

None were judged to be totally true.

Politifact has won a Pulitzer Prize for their reporting and both Democrats and Republicans have claimed it is biased against them.

3) She is not a politician.

Margaret is a regular person who does not avoid or side-step real issues. While she has never held political office, her website at reflects a diverse work history, including 24 years of Military Service. She has also worked as an electrician, a train dispatcher, a deputy sheriff, and currently is an attorney with her own law practice.

4) The Environment.

Margaret’s website shows a commitment to protect the environment. The incumbent’s website shows an anti-environment stance that is consistent with his strong support for the Trump administration, which is systematically destroying those Federal agencies whose function it is to protect and conserve vital air, water, land, and fish and wildlife resources.

These are the very resources that are critical for our health, agriculture, economy, fishing, hunting, tourism, and quality of life in western and northern Wisconsin, as well as nationwide.

These natural resources will continue to be degraded unless we elect a Congress who can intervene and halt the barrage of new laws, policies, and practices flowing from a President, Congress, and Agency Administrators who are not only anti-environment but also anti-science and who reject scientific studies, data, and facts as propaganda.

5) Social Security and Medicare.

Margaret’s website shows a commitment to protect the Social Security and Medicare benefits for Senior Citizens.

Seniors have paid into Social Security and Medicare for many years and these benefits are now needed by Seniors in retirement to help cover living expenses and healthcare costs. It down-right scares me to watch Republican lawmakers on Fox News preach that we need to cut supposedly wasteful spending on these programs to help balance the budget. A budget which they just put deeper in the red with huge tax cuts for big business and their super rich donors.

6) Rural Economy.

Margaret’s website shows a commitment to building a strong rural economy in the District.

In contrast, the incumbent has shown where his commitments must be by accepting large monetary donations from big out-of-state corporations and Super-Pacs whose interests are certainly not in northern Wisconsin.

7) Fair Taxes.

I believe Margaret will strongly support more equitable taxes for all.

I am a small business owner and middle class tax payer myself, and I have taken a good look at the recent Federal tax cuts.

While my taxes will probably go down a bit, it is apparent to me that small business owners and the middle class were thrown a few bones to keep them happy while the meat and potatoes went to big business and the super rich.

8) Reality TV.

I believe the President has turned the Federal Government into one big reality TV show. One cannot begin to even list all his outrageous acts and statements since taking office. Yet, the incumbent does not dare to publicly disagree or speak out.

His silence has been deafening.

But that is understandable to me. He is probably a decent person with many positive attributes who is also troubled by the actions of this president. But for him to speak out would be to commit political suicide.

The only option I can see to move from government by Reality TV toward a more stable and sane government is to vote for the challenger and help flip the Congress.

9) Fishing.

Fishing is a passion for me. Fishing is also vital to the recreation, tourist, and resort industry of northern Wisconsin. It is dependent on clean water, good habitat, and scientific management.

Sadly, the president and his top administrators clearly do not share this love of fishing and value these resources. On the contrary, they dismiss science and belittle scientists. The industries that once had license to dump untreated wastes in our waters before the Clean Water Act of 1972 is where the president went to recruit his top administrators for key natural resource agencies. They are actively working to drastically weaken or overturn legislation like the Clean Water Act which has been a force for protecting and restoring our waters.

I need someone in Congress to stand up for my love of fishing and the resources upon which fishing is based. I see no choice but for anglers to vote for the challenger, Margaret Engebretson.

10) The Future.

I fear for my four granddaughters if they have to grow up in a Trump World.

I do not want their freedoms and opportunities limited by their gender. Nor do I want personal health and wellness decisions dictated to them by the president, the congress, or the courts.

The only way I can see to help protect my granddaughters and women in general against this is by going to the polls and voting for Margaret. Flipping the Congress to Democratic control is the only way to restrict the president’s power and keep from sinking still deeper into Trump World during the ensuing two years.

The time is now.

History teaches us that great nations are not defeated by outside forces but decay and collapse from the inside. Bad things happen when good people do nothing. The choice is yours and mine.

From my heart to your heart, please vote, volunteer, and consider at least a small donation to support Margaret.

Visit and start now.

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Everett "Bud" Fuchs