Still Undecided on How or Whether to Vote?

margaret engebretson.jpg

Here are 5 compelling reasons to get to the polls. Agree?

  1. Let’s Avoid the Reinstatement of those Nasty Exclusions of Pre-existing Conditions.

    A vote for Margaret Engebretson will help prevent the U.S. House from cutting one of the most important protections brought to us under the Affordable Care Act. Hey 1% Duffy, how many times did you vote to repeal this protection? Dozens? 50?

    Military veteran Engebretson is in favor of Medicare for every American.

    Vote for Margaret Engebretson for U.S Congress to keep your pre-existing condition coverage in place.

  2. When the Economy is Strong, That’s When We Should Pay Down Our National Debt.

    A vote for Margaret Engebretson is a vote to undo the billionaires’ robbery of the U.S. Treasury.

    The billionaires and millionaires received 80% of the benefit from this year’s ill-advised tax bill. It is when the economy is strong that the national debt should be paid down. 1% Duffy has just added trillions to the debt. Instead of the Republicans being fiscally conservative, their allegiance to big corporation greed has degraded them into reckless drunken spenders. Now if 1% Duffy gets his chance, he will vote to cut your Medicare and Social Security to reduce the national debt.

    Vote for Margaret Engebretson to protect your Social Security and Medicare.

  3. Let’s Invest in Our Local Businesses and Universities and Not Sell Out to Foreigners.

    Tony Evers understands that the best fuel for our local economy is to invest in our local businesses and universities.

    Scott Walker sold out to the Taiwanese with a multi-billion dollar give away that allows FoxConn to dump contaminates into Lake Michigan. We can all smell the corruption. Minnesota invests heavily into education and the result is that average pay in Minnesota is much higher than in Wisconsin. Isn’t that right fellow commuters?

    Vote for Tony Evers and he will redirect your tax dollars to local businesses and to education and training.

  4. Let’s Protect Our Water Resources.

    Barry Hammarback will give back to St. Croix County the authority to protect our ground and surface water resources.

    Shannon Zimmerman has voted to take away our county’s local control of our shore lands and of our ability to protect against the huge manure spills; some of which have already occurred in our county.

    Keep your drinking water safe. Vote for Barry Hammarback for Wisconsin Assembly District 30.

  5. Let’s Attack the Opioid Crisis In the Courtroom.

    Josh Kaul will sue the pharmaceutical companies who misled the medical professionals into thinking their drugs were not addicting. Kaul wants to sue Big Pharma and plow the millions of recovered funds into prevention and treatment.

    Brad Schimmel has refused to file this suit. Is it because his party gets the big campaign bucks from Big Pharma.

    Vote for Josh Kaul for Attorney General and let’s hit back at the lying drug companies.

Roy Sjoberg