Notes from the March and April SCCDP General Meetings


The most recent St. Croix County meetings have been filled with enthusiastic progressives. In March, many of the nonpartisan candidates for county supervisor, city/town council, and school board were introduced and provided brief summaries of their goals for their community/county. It is good to get to know the candidates and their goals for our future.

Remember: All politics is local.

In April, it was standing room only at our meeting to hear from some of the Democratic candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives to replace Sean Duffy to represent the 7th CD:

Margaret Engebretson

Retired military, past union locomotive electrician, Deputy Sheriff of Corrections in the St. Louis County Jail, and currently a practicing lawyer focused on Guardian ad Litem work. Learn more.    

Dr. Brian Ewert

Retired physician and administrator at Marshfield Clinics. Learn more.           

Bob Look

Former central Wisconsin radio host and program director. Learn more.

The audience was pleased to hear from our State Senator Patty Schachtner who discussed the importance of all of us considering running for office and/or getting involved to represent "like-minded' people." Sen. Schachtner also discussed issues surrounding gun safety.

The audience also met Mandela Barnes, a former state representative who is currently going across the country to work with state legislators and advocacy groups to score progressive victories and beat the repressive agenda generated by ALEC. Learn more.

The meetings have been very well attended and you are encouraged to arrive early. Enjoy a great beverage, food, and conversation!

Deborah Monicken