Do Something Powerful, Wisconsin


I grew up in Minnesota and came of age during the Paul Wellstone years. Today, I continue to be guided by his belief that “We all do better when we all do better.”

Farmers battling to save their farms.

Young families working to open doors of opportunity for their children.

Communities of color fighting for equity.

New immigrants chasing the American dream.

So, I can only say that on November 8, 2016, I watched the election results roll in with a mix of fear and despair. I fell into a depression for 18 months. Powerless doesn’t begin to describe it.

Things changed dramatically for me when I worked on a few local races in the spring of 2018. In rolling up my sleeves and getting to work, I found a way to channel my anger in a positive, meaningful way. I also had the opportunity to work alongside people who felt as I did—that our government could better serve us, our families.

I’ll never forget the Saturday before the 2018 election. We had 45 people roll through our office to knock doors that day—some coming back from hours of canvassing only to ask for another packet. Some were first-timers. Some had been with us throughout the cycle. All had a story. It was a 16-hour day for me, but Deb Monicken and Sue Kattas’s pulled pork sandwiches and President Obama’s Milwaukee speech kept powering me forward.

...I am hopeful because out of this political darkness I am seeing a great awakening of citizenship all across the country.
— President Barack Obama

I don’t know if I’ve ever been happier. There is something deeply empowering about working to improve people’s lives.

Now, I’m the Communications Chair for the St. Croix County Democratic Party, and I’m putting my professional experience in digital campaign strategy to work—helping the Party build a strong, open community. That means supporting outreach to rural communities, creating space for youth leadership, and bubbling-up stories of the people we’re fighting for.

It’s fun. It’s rewarding. It means waking up the day after an election and feeling at peace with myself knowing I did my part.

I hope you’ll join me and the rest of the St. Croix County Dems team.

There’s no question that Wisconsin will serve as the battleground state in 2020. And, we need your help.

So, if you’ve been angered by the increasing disparity between the rich and working class, our heavily gerrymandered districts, or the influence of money in politics, lend a hand.

If you're worried you could be financially devastated by a medical emergency, lose your farm as tariffs and corporate ag make operating your business unprofitable, or prevented from pursuing a college education as costs continue to soar—there is no better time to jump in.

Let’s #DoSomething together.

Sarah O'Neill