Why We Need Barry Hammarback


In addition to the issue that Shannon Zimmerman was actually not residing in Assembly District 30 in his 2016 election, Shannon Zimmerman has not voted for his constituents’ interests. He voted with his Republican friends to authorize most of Republican interests, like:

  • Allowing children of any age to hunt

  • Amending the Prohibitions on Baiting and Feeding Deer

  • Establishing tax incentives for Manufacturing Zones

  • Co-sponsoring the authorization of Sulfide Mining

In addition, he has authorized towns being able to withdraw from County Zoning.

Barry Hammarback, your Democratic Candidate for Assembly 30, is endorsed by the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters. Barry is very opposed to the Foxconn deal and supports money being available to “start-up businesses” and infrastructure repairs to be spread around Wisconsin.

Mr. Hammarback wants to rebuild education in Wisconsin to make workers well educated to meet the current employer needs for better jobs and to have an attractive workforce to encourage business investment. He wants to stop the cuts to Wisconsin to maintain a quality of life through our current environment and our future planning.

It’s time to look at priorities that will help our citizens. We need to reevaluate treatment plans for mental and drug abuse and reconsider the incarceration record. We need to reconsider where we would save by having healthcare for all rather than confusing the efforts in coverage with a variety of programs/insurance programs.

Get to know where Barry Hammarback stands on the issues that matter to you.

Visit Hammarback for Wisconsin for more information.

Deborah Monicken