Notes from SCCDP General Meeting


Victory is oh, so sweet.  St. Croix County Dems celebrated Patty Schachtner's win for the 10th District State Senate Seat at their monthly meeting on February 8th.  The Dems are justifiably proud of her resounding victory that was based on a positive, grassroots and social media campaign --and an excellent candidate! 

Patty is off and running with her new Senate duties. See for yourself at her website, ,
PH: (608) 266-7745 and/or follow her on FaceBook.

Adding to the upbeat mood was the presence of several SCC county board supervisors and local officials who proudly serve the Democrat Progressive agenda. Among them were: Dan Hansen, District 12; Tammy Moothedan, District 7; Scott Nelson, District 8; and Chris Babbitt, District 3. Also acknowledged were Joyce Hall, Hudson Common Council member, District 6, and Cathy Leaf, Hudson Village Trustee. Jim Hall, county board supervisor candidate for District 6, and Hudson mayoral candidate, John Hoggatt were also introduced.

With enthusiastic audience participating, Susan Stori and Cathy Leaf led a discussion about Patty's campaign. Everyone agreed that Cathy, who managed Patty's campaign, did a first-rate, bang-up job. Thank-you, Cathy! 

John Rocco Calabrese, Menomonie, anti-corruption activist (and former candidate for the 10th District State Senate) is now running for Wisconsin State Assembly, 29th District. John spoke highly of the collaborative spirit shared by the 10th District candidates and his commitment to carrying that collaborative spirit forward in his bid for the 29th District. John feels lucky to be a part of the Progressive Democrat movement and is "humble and hopeful" for his success. "I will never take PAC money, big donor money, dark money, or any money other than small individual donations. This will allow me to speak freely for the people of my district." 


The SCCDP are committed to building on the positive momentum generated by Patty's win. "Bring One" is the marching order for next month's meeting: Dems are encouraged to bring at least one other like-minded person to the meeting. 

Jane Hansen, local activist and organizer for St. Croix County WUTA (Wisconsin United to Amend), reported that 77% of the voters in St. Croix County voted to amend the U.S. Constitution in the April 2018 elections! Thank you to Jane Hansen and all the hard working volunteers for your efforts to make people knowledgable about the amendment and getting out the vote. Eight other communities in Wisconsin also voted to amend: Green County (78%), the Cities of La Crosse (88%), Sun Praire (83%), and Rice Lake (81%), and the Villages of McFarland (79%) and Wittenberg (83%) and the Town of Sand Creek (77%). Statewide resolutions have been requested since 2013 ( Stay informed about getting the Wisconsin legislature to approve this amendment by going to It is time to get rid of big money in politics!!

Ellen Durand Olson