How Does the St. Croix Democratic Party Work?


The St. Croix County Democratic Party (SCCD) is made up of members who live in St. Croix County. If you are 18 or older, you can join for as little as $10/year for Seniors and students. You can join by contacting the Democratic Party of Wisconsin (DPW) or get a membership request at the St. Croix County Democratic (SCCD) Meeting that is held on the second Thursday of every month. Here are answers to frequently asked questions:

How are SCCD Officers chosen?

Every 2 years, there is an election at the December meeting to select officers. The next election is December 13, 2018.

Who are the SCCD Officers?

Rebecca Bonesteel-Chair, Jim Laskin-Vice Chair, Lissa List/Jane Hansen-Treasurers, Wendy Zeller-Secretary, Lindsey Lindquist-Sargent at Arms.

What is the SCCD Executive Committee?

This is a group made up of the SCCD Officers and members at large who have been appointed to manage specific activities.

What Does the SCCD Do?

They manage day to day operations of the SCCD, set up/conduct meetings, fund raise, select candidates, support candidate races, complete reports, attend conferences/conventions, support specific legislation, and plan for county activities like the County Fair. The Chair and Vice Chair have a big commitment. For instance, the Chair must represent the SCCD at multiple meetings across the state.

Activities vary but it is, of course, very busy around elections...well, lets just say that everyone is quite involved. It is often the equivalent of another part time (or full time) job. 

The SCCD officers can't do it alone and that is why we need the support of all members.
We need and are thankful to our volunteers. Without that support, we just can't get it all done. Join us! You can learn more about becoming an officer or about volunteer opportunities by contacting the SCCD Office at (715) 381-9600.

Deborah Monicken