Koch Brother Spend $1.5 Million on Attack Ad Against Tammy


The Koch brothers have declared that Tammy is one of their top targets, so it's no surprise that they are joining in on the more than $5 million in outside spending against Tammy. Tammy is already facing more outside spending than all other Democratic Senators up in 2018 - combined.

Yet another outside special interest attack on Tammy for her work standing up for Wisconsin. It won't work.

Playing politics with problems at the VA is wrong and this outside spending shows these billionaires care more about partisan attacks than pushing for serious solutions like Tammy's bipartisan VA reforms.

As always, the best way to fight back against outside special interest attacks is to organize and talk to your friends and neighbors about joining our grassroots campaign. Sign up to join us here: http://grassroots.wisdems.org/page/s/volunteers

Ellen Durand Olson