• Veterinarian and owner of Homestead Veterinary Clinic in Baldwin since 2011

  • Vice President of the Board of Directors of Western Wisconsin

  • Canvassed and volunteered for elections since 2012

My story

I have been a lifelong Democrat and have volunteered for major elections for several years. The threat to our Democracy that emerged after the 2016 election motivated me to get me to get more involved and I started coming to monthly meetings. The best experience I’ve had thus far is being there when Patty Schachtner found she won the Senate seat in our district. It was an amazing victory and we could not have asked for anyone more suited to the job than Patty.

The SCCDP is a group of hard working and dedicated people. They are fun and caring too. When the news is almost too hard to bear and I’m feeling helpless to do anything about it, knowing that there are others right here in our community who want to change things for the better is a reassuring feeling. Even though it takes time and energy, doing what I can to make sure our community, our state and our country gets the best representation it can helps relieve my stress and anxiety for the future of our democracy.

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